How to use toilet roll tubes you’re panic buying because of Covid-19

It was inevitable. But let’s face it, for a blog to be successful it should be current. So here I am sat at home unofficially quarantined (I work at home and have had no meetings outside of my flat this week so effectively I may as well be in quarantine), riding on the ‘coronavirus wave’ to produce some content. (I have no paid work in my diary for the next two weeks so allow me this pleasure, I have time on my hands after all.)

Bog roll – how quickly do you get through a tube?

Toilet roll panic buying* you say? #ToiletPaperApocalypse. Whaaaaaat? It’s staggering, considering a vast proportion of the world (including my own roots, Bangladesh, don’t even use the stuff) and if they do, they tend to get by with 1-2 sheets with water…yet in Britain and Europe store shelves are empty with not a bog roll in sight. But once you’ve got through the tissues what becomes of the roll?

If you’ve been avoiding social contact to reduce the spread of coronavirus you’ll undoubtedly be at home and crafting and upcycling my friends is a good option for when you’ve finished watching EVERYTHING on Netflix.

So welcome to my ‘How to use toilet roll tubes you’re panic buying because of Covid-19’  post. We all have them, so let’s put them to use….

First though some advice…

I once tried to make jewellery with toilet rolls and the truth is it was a total #craftfail. ‘TP’ rolls are a pain to cut up because the cardboard can be tough depending on the brand you have. You probably will need a craft knife for some of these suggestions so if you don’t have any type of scalpel at home, nip out and get one (while you still can!)

How to use toilet roll tubes you’re panic buying because of Covid– 19
14 suggestions for 14 days of quarantine (not tried and tested)

  1. DIY roses

As designed by Accents and Petals – the cheaper squidgy rolls that are easier to cut would work best for these. They are mighty impressive but will take time – which if you’re indoors quarantined, you’ll have plenty of.

2. Bog roll quilling

Now here’s a craft I’ve never thought of but there’s a lot of tutorials out there and it’s impressive stuff. This blogger Weaver Design actually used kitchen roll tubes but then when loo roll runs out it’s the third best thing after tissues right?

3. Table top tidy

Oldie but goodie and one a lot of crafters would have tried as a child but in gold – this really does take it up a level. Good Home Design also have a brilliant way to turn loo rolls into a garage for toy cars.

4. Confetti poppers

Some might argue this is not a time to celebrate. Maybe save these party poppers by Smashed peas and carrots as one for when a treatment for coronavirus has been found?

5. Wall tidy

Granted I’m not sure what would fit in these gaps but it looks pretty good – (it’s actually a Christmas wreath but I think it doubles up well as a wall tidy.) (Found on

6. Beehive

Yeah. Um. A beehive! Of course! Well this creation by Cool Creativity would be great for a kid’s nursery don’t you think?! It also involves eating Kinder Eggs which is a bonus.

7. Loo roll dino

Now you’re talking! This is handsdown my fave so far. More versions here.

8. Easter chick

Well the count down is on so why not start on chick crafting now? This and more over at Archziner.

9. Walkie Talkie

Put down your mobile. This is a great way to communicate with housemates / family while maintaining a safe distance from them. Found on Alleideen.

10. Seed starters

Genius…just look how they compare to the real thing. Top work saidosdaconcha.

11. Miniature scenes

Maybe work your way up to this craft – by day 14 of being stuck in doors your craft skills may have developed to these levels. Created by artist Anastassia Elias.

12. Super hero cuffs

The great thing about this craft is that making them in adult sizes uses up more loo rolls. Kapow! Instructions over at Laughing Kids Learn.

13. Loo roll Leprechauns

Well St Patrick’s Day (March 17th) is next week so this is really a 2-in- 1 idea. These chaps are by View from the Fridge but the site doesn’t seem to wok any more so use your own artistic ideas to have a crack at them.

14. Hamster tube

My ‘ole hamster Guinness (RIP) loved to climb through them too – maybe cutting up and joining lots of tubes together a human size hamster tube would be possible? Now there’s an idea!

Got any others? Leave a comment with your suggestion, I’d love to know your plans for re-using toilet roll tubes, a much better idea than sticking them in the recycling.

Happy hibernating : )

*Caveat to this blog post.

I am not hoarding any loo roll and I haven’t bought any since Covid-19 spread to the UK. This pack I’m holding of 24 is what I normally have at home and I’ve had this batch since early Feb. Hopefully by the time I get through them this will all be over?

AND if you make all 14 of these and still want more crafting to do then now is a good time to take part in The Great Rainbow Swap I’m organising : )