Instagram is awash with colourful accounts. As a Rainbow Hunter I’ve spent a lot of time stalking them. There are some truly remarkable accounts that will boost your mood in an instant when you see their vibrant pictures land on your feed – and we could all do with some of that as a January pick-me-up. So, if like me you could do with a daily dose of colour,  start following my recommendations for the 20 Best Colour accounts to follow on Instagram.

My decision aren’t based on follower numbers or are they in any order. There are of course many other colour themed accounts (which leaves room for a part 2!), but these are my personal favourites covering all kinds of content areas including crafts, fashion, travel and food. Check them out for yourself and make your own mind up. Do you agree they are worthy of a mention in this list? Have I forgotten anyone you think deserves a mention? If so, let me know in the comments! Here goes…

  1. space.ram

There aren’t many men on my list, I need to do better to find them perhaps? Ramzy’s pictures have a rainbow fantasy theme and will appeal to anyone who love the unicorn aesthetic.

2. splendid_rags

Leslie describes her feed as visual optimism. I particularly adore her quirky compositions and the unexpected nature of her content.

3. atlasandboots

Peter and Kia share travel pictures that capture nature at its most glorious; expect sunsets and sweeping landscapes that will get your wanderlust going.

4. colourspeak_kerry_

The Insta destination account for anyone who loves colourful houses. They are aplenty here.

5. aww.sam

Probably one of my favourite Instagram accounts period – Sam’s incredible dressing up costume ideas are so imaginative, as are her many happy bakes. I think this bowl of ramen is my all-time fave but there are so many others.


An entire account filled with flowers, which are basically utterly gorgeous.

7. sarahcoeyart

A rainbow artist who will make you want to get the paints out and start getting arty yourself. Lovely stuff.

8. lauraponts

A food stylist who I hope doesn’t make too much food waste. Her pics are excessive but also utterly appealing and yummy looking. Creative food styling to inspire anyone who is interested in food photography.

9. 5ftinf

Taking flatlays to another level, Philippa has an eye for gorgeous colour styling and has also written a lovely colour book called Consciously Creative.

10. tmk_henna

Bold graphic patterns and colours from a henna artist based in Malaysia who’s always smiling (and we could all do with seeing more smiles and less pouts.)

11. Fatimarbaig

There are so many south Asian artists to follow on Instagram, they are worthy of their post but for now I’m picking Fatima to represent because I really like her block colours and consistently colourful digital art.

12. dipyourtoesin

A travel account that’s filled with positive vibes, Eulanda and Omo don’t seem to intentionally have a ‘colour account’ but everything they do has a wonderful vibrancy that’s full of joy.

13. Carriec

The inspo for a lot colour accounts so if you’re going to follow one from this list it’s the one to opt for! (Be weary of clones.)

14. hauteculturetextiletours

I will forever be in awe of Donna and her textile travels, her photos capture people, place and crafts with a beautiful intimacy.

15. suekreitzman

An artist and jewellery designer Sue went from being a well known chef and cookbook author to one day discovering that actually she loves art more so she switched careers. I love how her character comes through in all her shots.

16. Oak and Ink

There’s something so soothing about looking at a rainbow come to life before your eyes. Matthew is working his way through Pantone shades and it looks amazing.

17. Blueberrylivingco

Interiors that look lived in but lovely at the same time, all round home goals for wallpaper lovers.

18. Yasi_pinkarella

A whole heap of pink content.

19. Imakestagram

The queen of tinsel fashion and crafts, this account seriously sparkles!

20. _jujujust

Woolly wallhangings, every single one is amazing, together they are overwhelming – it’s like a grid of crafty dreams.

BONUS No. 21 the_craftcafe

Well I couldn’t not mention my own account! I joined The ‘Gram late but as soon as I started posting photos I loved it. My grid is based on my everyday life, I don’t go out of my way to plan colourful backdrops, it’s genuinely what I wear, where I go and what I get up to so you’re guaranteed a good dose of crafts, travel and colour. (This is from last week’s Spitalfield’s Colour Walk. Photo by: Michele Martinoli)

So there you have it. Just to clarify, my picks are accounts run by actual ‘content creators.’ There are a number of popular accounts such as Craft The Rainbow who have a wonderfully vibrant feed but they share other people’s images, in my criteria I didn’t want it to be about these types of curators, but the individuals who put time and effort into sharing their own shots. Secondly I’ve limited the number of ‘colourful people’ as I didn’t want my list to be biased towards fashion bloggers – again, maybe that’s another post?

I hope you like my colourful recommendations…and Happy Blue Monday!