Day of The Dead in London (Columbia Road) 2019

London's most colourful street party

Dia De Los Muertos in London? This is how we do it...


*Sigh* In just over a week’s time it’s the Mexican festival Day of The Dead and though it’s largely celebrated in Central America, there are pockets of celebrations across the rest of the world, like in London’s Columbia Road…but not this year. Covid-19 has seen to that.

So, I’m looking back at the fun I had last year instead. I went along to the annual Day of The Dead celebrations at Columbia Road in East London, organised by Mexican shop Milagros London. Stepping inside this store gives you a flavour of the jo,y and colour you experience when you go shopping in Mexico. I’ve been to Mexico four times (and had some mega shopping sprees there so I know!)

I adore Mexican style, and artefacts so I feel very at home in Milagros.

Outside Milagros London on Columbia Road, East London

The festival is a giant street party which involves local businesses getting together, complete with a live mariachi band, colourful flags, decorations, food, and a beauty parlour, which last year was co-run by my good friend Janine, who did my make-up. (Janine has a YT channel called Little Nun’s Room where she shares her adventures in London, head on over to see what she’s been up to recently.)

But, back to Dia De Los Muertos. I went along with some of my Colour Walk pals and we spent the whole day and evening laughing, taking photos, and generally having a fun time, despite the rain. Though wet weather can dampen some events I honestly believe that if you just switch your perception and choose to not let it spoil your fun you can still have a brilliant experience whatever you’re up. After all, no matter how soaked you are, you’ll always get dry.

The mariachi band kept everyone’s spirits up in the rain

One day I hope to be in Mexico to witness the celebrations in real life, but this year with travel restrictions, and my local East London event being on pause, most likely I’ll be at home re-watching Coco instead!

Mexican fiesta flags lining the festival area
Make-up by my fab friend Janine. I made my own paper flower crown
Spookiest coffee kiosk in town
Day of the Dead decorations
Inside Victim Fashion Street with owner Meihui Liu who hosted a kid’s craft session in store
With the inimitable Florent from London Colourwalk
Madame Fairy befriending a sugar skull replica
Much of my outfit was from Mexico, I bought the skirt, bag, top and beads there. As it was a cold winter day I had all the thermals on underneath!
Richard Kaby from Colour Walk and the gentleman that owns a record shop here
Another of the wonderful bands that brightened up the day with their music
It was too wet to take a seat at the table but isn’t the set up glorious?
Happy festival goers
Possibly the best costume I’ve ever seen
Look forward to joining in again in a future year!