Holy Cow inspired money box

When I was in Pushkar, Rajasthan last year I spotted these donation boxes outside the temples, all handpainted with cows. I saw a lot of cows too. In fact one in particular had its eye on me the entire time I sat by the water’s edge.

holy cow_box


It was absolutely blistering heat that day and the floors burnt my feet with every step.

There are a lot of tourist market stalls around when you first enter Pushkar, selling clothes, jewellery and usual touristy stuff but one thing they don’t sell which they should is a miniature version of their donation boxes. But hey I just found this instead…


Available from online store Scaramanga (£25) it’s the coolest home for spare pennies I’ve seen in a long long time.

And now for some real holy cows…

cows in puskhar rajasthan
Cows of Pushkar, Rajasthan, India

Puskar images: www.craftandtravel.com