How to survive Camden (a guide for over 30s)

Portraits by: Horaczko Photography Camden Town. Any alternative teen growing up in London (or those visiting the UK capital) will confess that Camden is the stuff their dreams are made off. A sea of subcultures,...

My 1st Photowalk- Shoreditch, London

Photowalks have been a thing for a while now but it wasn't until the summer that I finally had the chance to go on one. To be honest although I was booked onto Blogtacular's...

9 Need To Know Tips For Visiting Algeria

Why do so few tourists visit Algeria? And should you visit Algeria? The most recent Algerian guidebooks are a decade out of date and few travelbloggers write about travelling to Algeria – yet it...

The Lure of The Casbah – why you should visit Algier’s most-feared streets

My journey begins at the bottom, surrounded by colourful women’s clothing. Long rainbow hued dresses with vibrant trims hang in lines beside fabric shops selling reams of shimmery fabrics. In front of their entrance, a...

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