What to expect when you travel to West Bank, Palestine (as a Muslim)

WARNING: this is a long post but I hope you find it of use! I bracketed the title of this post because it’s inspired by the fact that so many Muslim people have contacted me...

8 Paintings To Seek Out in Algiers, Algeria

Street art is one thing, but painted public places to make life more interesting is quite another. From the moment I landed in Algeria and my taxi headed into central Algiers the first thing...

9 Need To Know Tips For Visiting Algeria

Why do so few tourists visit Algeria? And should you visit Algeria? The most recent Algerian guidebooks are a decade out of date and few travelbloggers write about travelling to Algeria – yet it...

The Lure of The Casbah – why you should visit Algier’s most-feared streets

My journey begins at the bottom, surrounded by colourful women’s clothing. Long rainbow hued dresses with vibrant trims hang in lines beside fabric shops selling reams of shimmery fabrics. In front of their entrance, a...

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