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Hang on a minute, why are your Social Media handles different to the name of your blog?
I’m probably committing a Branding Sin but…
I tried to keep four accounts on the go, my personal and my blog but it made me unhappy. I did it because of convention, that’s what you’re ‘supposed to do’, keep different parts of your life separate. But it didn’t work for me, I felt stressed and pressurised and never had enough time to dedicate to four accounts – two for Twitter and two for Instagram so I have taken a bold decision to go against the norm and break the rules – the social media for this blog is now the same as my personal account. Yes they have different names and yes no branding person would ever advise this, but I aim to prove you can make it work.

What about Facebook?
I’m not a Facebook user. At some point I did start a Craft and Travel page but it was barely updated and it’s not current.

Where are you based?
Aspiring digital nomad but mostly in London, UK

Do you review stuff?
If it’s colourful and relevant yes!

Would you like to go on a press trip?
Yes! But it should contain some level of of art, craft, design, fashion and/or colour! This includes exhibitions, events, day trips, overnights and longer. Please contact me with details.

What are your stats? 
Please email me to receive a copy of my Media Pack.

What do you do when you’re not blogging?
I work full-time as a journalist and occasionally as a presenter and crafts tutor.
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