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Words of inspiration to remind you why you're travelling

Hand-painted Japanese Boxes

You know when you find all those niggly annoying things at home that you have absolutely no where to put like random safety pins. keys, hair clips, that kind of stuff? Well these dainty boxes...

South African Wola Nani Bowls

Attention! These are no ordinary bowls...they have life-saving and life-enhancing properties. 'Wola Nani' means 'we embrace and support each other' and was established in 1994 as a non-profit organisation to help bring relief to...

African Sunset Wallpaper

Bring the savannahs into your home with your very own, African sunset wall mural which doesn't require any wallpaper paste, it is infact a giant sticker. Sold by German brand Komar Products its striking, colourful...

Travel Quote Pencils for Non-Digital Blogging on the go

It's not always possible to take a laptop on your travels and if your mobile is out of juice and you want to take notes, you'll be very upset unless you go down the...

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