…Maximalist is so much more me. Sure having a lot of things does mean a flat gets messy more quickly and needs more dusting but I tell you, being surrounded by colour, patterns and beautiful things doesn’t half improve mood and creativity.

It never ceases to amaze me when people have bland minimal homes with not even a picture on the wall, let alone a cushion in sight. I sometimes visit friends in disbelief and think to myself wait, does this person really have any personality at all because if they did surely it should be expressed in their home?

Am I being too harsh?

Personally I love filling my own abode with things I pick up on my travels as it means my memories are never far away. But I also buy things I love from places I’ve never been to because obviously I haven’t been everywhere…though I’m working on it!

Need a boost of maximalism in your home? Bohemia Design have some rather lovely things.


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