I’m giving a Colour Talk at Tate Modern!!!

It's true! And I'm so excited I may burst!!!! Back in December I got a call from the Tate Modern Tate Lates team (who curate monthly events on Friday nights), when the biggest and most...

How to survive Camden (a guide for over 30s)

Portraits by: Horaczko Photography Camden Town. Any alternative teen growing up in London (or those visiting the UK capital) will confess that Camden is the stuff their dreams are made off. A sea of subcultures,...

The Thing About The Colour Blue…and why I’m anti Blue Monday

If you were to ask me what my favourite colour is, it would obviously be a very difficult question. As a Rainbow Hunter I find joy in (almost) every shade going (just not the...

My Blogging Goals 2019

So this is the first time I've sat down and written some blogging goals, perhaps that's where I've been going 'wrong' all this time? Well not 'wrong' but I'm keen to up my game...

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